Why do most men like black silicone dolls?

Women of color are sometimes disowned by society. And frankly, those black people who did the interview where they came from, they will not hesitate to say that she is the royal housekeeper of the time. These black women know how to take care of their children and their husbands.

Men love devoted women in the home

Black women are round by nature, they have frizzy or wavy hair. They have swollen breasts and well-padded buttocks. This appeals to men because on the one hand they feel safe in the arms of this teddy bear woman, and on the other hand they like to feel the warmth of her penis inside the hot vagina of the black woman. The breasts can be kneaded any way you want, you would always like to play with them.

In the home, black women are fighters or revolters, they don't let themselves be done in bed and sometimes they dominate. They know how to cook and make delicious recipes that gourmets enjoy. They are very generous and know how to welcome people. For example, when the men's family stays under their roof, they are responsible for preparing food for them, giving them new blankets, etc.

Black women are all like Rihanna

Rihanna, the singing star is a woman of color, and many of these black love doll look like her. She is not ashamed to cheer for her race around the world. She is also the queen of beauty and flaunts this victory to the world. They advise black women to accept her body and reconcile with it. Nowadays, black women like black dolls are displayed everywhere in fashion magazines, in the fashion shows of designers and on adult websites. Indeed, they have a sublime body and a perfect beauty that cannot really be compared to the white model who weighs only a feather.

From an objective point of view, who of these women that we meet in the streets resemble the size of the models, the silicone doll, yes, but the body of a normal woman changes with age.

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